Products & Services

The Xelera team is experienced in designing and building a variety of particle accelerator components, including:

  • Electron Sources (Photo-Guns and Thermionic Guns)
  • Beam Stops
  • Vacuum System components
  • SRF HOM Absorbers

The team provides broad consulting services, including:
  • Radiation Protection for electron and X-ray beams.
    • Shielding design and assessment
    • Penetration Recommendations
    • Shielded door designs
    • Radiation safety interlock design and procedures
    • Radiation monitoring equipment needs and placement
    • Radiation Safety Training procedures
  • EMI consulation for high-voltage RF systems
  • Laser system safety planning
  • CNS Safeguarding

Client Highlight: ASU Biodesign C Vault Shielding Design

The team at Xelera Research has many decades of experience with radiation producing devices, ranging from medical X-ray diagnostic systems, to electron and ion accelerators, and even with nuclear reactors. We have designed and implemented radiation shielding and safety systems for a number of accelerators covering the range of energies for the planned system at Arizona State University (ASU).

Construction of Arizona State University's (ASU's) Biodesign C Vault 1, which will house the world’s first compact X-ray free electron laser. Xelera designed the radiation shielding for this building, and provided all of the radiation consultation services listed above.